Wednesday, February 13, 2013

eBook Junkie

FREE!!! I love that word!!! Anywhere and anytime I see that word on an ad, in a store, on the web, I get excited. I cannot stress enough how fond I am of "free" things. So, being the big reader I am, you cannot imagine my excitement over Amazon's free eBooks!!! Every time I visit, they have a list of Kindle eBooks...absolutely FREE!!!!! Then, I go to Amazon's website and hunt for more. I have found books on blogging, children's books, diy books, devotionals, and anything you can imagine!!! I am a big fan of Amazon, anyway, but I love it even more now! (Yeah, that's my shameless plug!!!) I have actually used the recipes in some of the cookbooks I've downloaded. (Shocker, I know.) It comes as no surprise that I am an avid reader. And, as some of you fellow readers know, you just love book! Well, let me tell you something. I was not a fan of the e Reader when they first started hitting the market, but when I got my Kindle Fire last Mother's Day, I became hooked!!! And now I am just as addicted to eBooks as I am to the bound books. For those of you out there who don't have an e Reader or an iPad or smart phone, Amazon sells a very reasonably priced basic Kindle and Barnes & Noble has a Nook that's pretty reasonable. (Everyone has their preference!) So, if you haven't started downloading your eBooks, start today. And why not start with the FREE ones? Happy reading!

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