Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maxi Dress to Maxi Skirt

I am not a all. My sister was born with those genes. I love the long, cute, maxi skirts that I've seen the girls wear. You know, the ones that only fit women who are size 0? I wanted to make my own, but my time was limited. So, I found an easy solution to the problem.

I was in Meijer's the other day and saw a maxi dress that I really liked. Yes, I know it wasn't a skirt. But here's where my "skills" come in handy. (Or, my lack thereof.) I decided to cut the top off and make a skirt with the bottom half.

Basically, I measured where I wanted the waist to be and added about 3" for the waistband. I cut the top part off after measuring. (I did have to take in the sides a little because I bought one that was just a little bigger than I was.) I folded the waistband over, allowing some room for the elastic to be put in after sewing. I pinned it and basted around the waistband, leaving a small opening to put the elastic through. Next, I pulled the elastic through with a safety pin, sewed the gap closed and...voila!!! A skirt is born!

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