Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's "Good Intentions"

December 29, 2012

Another year has come and gone and with that, a fresh start!!!  I love the feeling that January 1 brings every year.  2012 was a traumatic year for me and my family.  The beginning started me off with a deep depression.  With the help and prayers of ladies in my church, the Lord delivered me without me having to go on medication.  Then, in August, my beloved dad passed away.  I am still learning to cope with his death, but it is getting easier.  The Lord has truly been my Healer...physically and emotionally!!

As I think about my resolutions for 2013, I am determined to conquer at least one of them!! (Smirk, if you must, but you know we all start out with good intentions!) So, here is my list of "good intentions" for 2013:

 1.  I will start off the New Year with extended fasting and prayer. Cannot think of a better way to begin fresh!

 2.  I will  change my eating habits and lose at least 20 pounds this year...okay, I'll make it 10.   ;)

 3.  I will learn to relax and not stress the "small" stuff!!!  Must learn to not worry as much!!!  Have fun!!!

 4.  I will refuse to care what people say or think about me.  There is only One I need to please and He knows my every intention and thought!!!  Others' opinions of me do not matter.

 5.  I will enjoy my husband, kids and family more!!! They are only with me a short time!

 6.  I will budget my finances better!!! (Yeah, this one is REALLY HARD!!!)

 7.  I will cook more meals for my family.  (This one's even harder than budgeting!!!)

 8. I will allow myself to be led by the Spirit of God more, letting Him work in me and pushing my  desires aside.

 9.  I will not let my past determine my future.  What mistakes I made in 2012, they are forgiven!!! (This one I am determined to do!!!)

10. If I accomplish nothing on my list, I will forgive myself! :D

Happy New Year!!! Have a blessed 2013!!!

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