Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jeans/Pants to Skirt

I am not crafty by nature. Not at all. My sisters, however, are very crafty. They both sew, decorate, can pull something together out of nothing. But me...that's another story. Don't get me wrong. I quilt and sew a little bit, but it takes a lot of effort on my part. It doesn't come natural. So, when I decided to make some skirts for myself and my girls, I was a little intimidated. But, hey, miracles happen everyday. was much easier than I thought. First, I bought my pants at the Goodwill. You may have to take the time to look through their stock, but it's worth it. I found a brand new pair of Christopher & Banks jeans and some pink sweat pants that were in almost new condition. (You can try some local thrift stores or consignment shops, as well.) Second, I ripped the seams out of the legs and part of the crotch area of the pants. Next, find some coordinating fabric that you can insert into the ripped out seam area. Using dressmaker's pins, attach the material to the pants and then sew the panel using a regular stitch setting on machine. Last, sew up the hem. And...voila!! Your skirt is done. This is not an all day project, but it took me a couple of hours, just because of my lack of experience. You may find an easier method and it may not take that long. Happy sewing!!!

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