Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Amazing how time flies! My oldest child just turned sixteen. (I am feeling my age even as I write this!) For most, it is a rite of passage. There is dating, driving, jobs. What a wonderful time this can be!!! No worries, no cares! Why should she, she has all the time in the world! Truth is, time really does fly and there would be a few things I would change if I could go back.

I would not let Stacy A. throw my shoe during Spanish class. I really would study harder and plan for college. I would not laugh at that girl who fell on her behind at the lockers, but help her up. I would be a better friend. I would spend more time with my family. When I met that hot guy at the freshman dance, I would've realized he was deaf and not stuck up. (This "hot guy" would later become my "hot husband.") I would keep in touch with my BFF who moved to California and not wait seventeen years to find her again.

Then there are a few things I would NOT change.

I would still be friends with a M.D. (He never changed!) I would still get my job at G.D. Ritzy's just because I love their ice cream!!! I would still buy that old blue Ford. I would still NOT go out with that creepy guy from high school. I would still go to an Apostolic church that Friday night with my dad.

Hindsight really is 20/20 and we cannot change the past, whether good or bad. For my daughter, I want her to enjoy life, live for the Lord, have better opportunities and few regrets. To make the most of everyday, but be responsible and wise (and prayerful!) in her decisions. My life may have been a little different than her's, but I want her to learn from my mistakes but grow from her own.

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