Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birds of A Feather

We have a guest taking up permanent residence in our garage each winter. This morning, our guest, who I will call "Tweety," was squawking about who-knows-what. I decided to take a look and see what all the fuss was. Naturally, Tweety was contained in the garage and wished to be out flying...or doing whatever her kind does. As I pressed the garage opener, she decided to try and fly through the garage. Big mistake! She ran smack dab into the door, toppled backwards to the pavement, shook herself out, and walked about as if she were drunk. Finally, after a few unsuccessful attempts, she fluttered up and swooped out.

My daughter, who just turned 16, went to her second job interview for the same position. However, the first time, she didn't get it. Not exactly sure why, except maybe she was too young at the time. When she got the call, her first reaction was, "I will have to work the days you don't work, Mom." She didn't use that ominous word "if." It was a matter of "when" this time. Like Tweety, our fine, feathered friend who resides in the garage, Hannah is a motivated person, driven but in a good way. She is not lazy and will do what it takes to accomplish even the most colossal task. If she stumbles, she will get back up and brush herself off. I'm sure that when it comes time to leave the nest, she will have a well-prepared plan already set in motion. It isn't that she doesn't need or want our help, it's just the way she is wired.

As for Tweety, did I mention that she comes back every winter? Her nest stays hidden all year long in the old tricycle we have hanging from the ceiling. No joke...

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