Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wasted Day

Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting here watching the tube.  (Yeah, that's an old name for the television.)  Started getting sick earlier this week and woke up yesterday with a full-blown case of strep along with the flu.  Fun, I know.  The sun is beginning to shine and temps are going to rise to 61 degrees.  Life is sometimes unfair.  I feel like someone hit me with a baseball bat and it ends up being the first really nice day we've had for a long time!!

We are getting ready to celebrate our oldest daughter's 16th birthday (though it was in February).  We're putting on an 80s theme party next weekend and we have several games planned and decorations to give it that retro feel.  (I will post a page strictly dedicated to this after the party.)  I have also been sewing skirts for the girls.  (They're, like, totally rad, dude!)  Unfortunately, I don't have the energy to work on them today.

The medicine is beginning to kick in, so I will stop writing for now.  Maybe next time I can write something that actually makes sense or has some relevant meaning.  As for now, I hope you out there in "blog land" are feeling better than I am and are actually enjoying your Sunday.

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