Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No Guns Here...Yet

I broke down and finally decided to buy a gun permit.  Do I have a gun?  No.  Do I know how to shoot a gun?  No.  Why did I buy it?  Well, with all the talk of new gun laws and the government making it harder for people to have them, I just decided I'd take the plunge. I, also, firmly believe that everyone has a right to protect their family and homes.  (However, that is a personal choice, so I won't debate that point right now.)  Unfortunately, it cost me $134.95 total.  Of course, for a lifetime permit, that's not too bad.

Now, before everyone gets on the whole "anti-gun" soap box, I have to say one thing.  I am not one of those "gun nuts."  I do believe you have to use wisdom and caution when dealing with any kind of firearm.  Also, safety is of the utmost importance!!!!  Before I ever even consider purchasing a handgun of any type, I will have safety lessons.  Also, my children will be taught the importance of gun safety.  I do not want them to be afraid of guns but to respect how deadly they can be, especially if put in the hands of the wrong person.  

So, now I just wait 9-11 weeks for my permit to be mailed to me.  Think I'll go research "guns" on the internet now.  

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