Monday, June 3, 2013

Get Back to Work!

A lot can be said for "routine."  Today, we reopen the library after having been closed for three weeks. Though I worked a few hours each week at another branch, I enjoyed the extra time spent with my family.  And I enjoyed not having to work nights or weekends!!! Today, that all changes.

A part of me is excited to get back to seeing my coworkers and getting back into a normal schedule again.  Another part of me is dreading the patrons who refuse to pay fines and yell at you, the mother with five stacks of books to be checked out, each on different library cards, or the chaos that is "just the library."  Oh! And did I mention there is a patron who comes in that we all refer to as my "stalker?"  (I don't think I need to explain this one!)

What most people do not know is that my job is actually a very physical one.  I am on my feet the full eight hours I am there.  There is lifting and pushing and a lot of bending.  Unfortunately for me, I am not 20-years-old anymore and I feel this physically when I come home.  Ibuprofen has become my new best friend!  Also, though there is a lot of physical activity required, I still have not lost any weight! Not fair!

I guess I can't complain too much (though I probably will!) because I can leave my work there, whereas, my husband has a career that causes his stress level to rise on a daily basis.  Plus, I have a job.  That's something, right?!!  

Guess I better get ready for work now.  The sun is shining and they're providing food today.  Hmm...this could be the reason I haven't lost any weight on the job.  Welcome back to me!! 

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