Thursday, July 11, 2013

Disappointment and Faith

Disappointment comes in many sizes. Unfortunately, you can never prepare yourself for the sinking feeling that comes along with it. Mine came today by way of a phone call. I recently put in for a position at a local college and did very well in the phone interview, so much that they called me back to meet the staff and the president. I even skipped out on vacation with my family, that's how important this was to me and how secure I felt about getting the job. I was wrong.

The Dean of Students called me today and let me know that they had offered the position to an internal candidate. However, he did tell me that I "interviewed well and that everyone loved me."  He didn't want to call me until he knew the other candidate had accepted the position.  I know I should be thankful he took the time to call me, but the sting is still there.

Another downfall of this is the fact I was ready to give my notice to my current employer.  It has been a trying year with all the changes being made at the library, that I felt now would be a good time to leave.  Of course, I'm not totally wrong.  I've decided, with much prayer and discussion with my husband, to go ahead and give my notice.  I may take a few classes in the fall.  That's another decision that will need to be made.

This year has been a trying one, but I know that, eventually,things will "work together for my good."  I am thankful for all my friends who have prayed and fasted for me.  I know that God has my life in His hands and that the perfect position will come open, one that He has handpicked just for me.  For now, I will wait.

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