Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day of School...For Child and Mom

Starting today, my children are officially back in school!  We did something different with our youngest two children.  They are both doing online public school.  (Hannah did it last year.)  Fortunately, with Hannah, there wasn't much  involvement on my part since she was in high school. Boy, is it different this year!!!  I'm sitting here trying to help my son with his math and I'm desperately trying to navigate the system.  You know, I'm the parent, so, I should be the smart one, right?!!!  Did I mention he was up earlier and had already completed some of his work?  Yeah, so much for showing him how to do it.

What amazes me, as I watch my children working tirelessly, is how knowledgeable they are!!!  The material they are learning in today's world astounds me!  When I was their age, we learned the basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.  (Which, in my opinion, they need more of, but that's an opinion for a later date!!) It fascinates me how much information their little brains retain, especially because I tend to forget what happened an hour ago!

I will be curious as to see how the rest of the year goes.  Who knows?  I might just learn a thing or two, as well.  For now, I need to ask my son, er, I mean show him how to do his math.

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