Friday, September 6, 2013

Lesson in Patience

I had a lesson in patience the other day.  While making a skirt for vacation, I started pushing the elastic through the waistband.  In doing so, it gathered so badly that I couldn't get it through the rest of the material.  I started pulling and tugging until I finally gave up and pulled it out to start over. In the process, part of the material ripped and I had to restitch it.  However, the second time I tried, I gently pulled the elastic through the material and eased the material back over the elastic.  It went through smoothly and with no difficulty!!

Sometimes, in life, I want to rush through sticky situations and get the answers I want RIGHT NOW!!!  When I do, it becomes more messy to deal with and I've created a problem bigger than the one I started with.  I realize, too late, that if I had just let the natural progression of things happen, it all turns out okay in the end.  The solution may not be exactly how I planned it, but it is the right and perfect one and I don't have to go back and fix anything.

Webster's dictionary defines patient as bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint; manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain; not hasty or impetuous; steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity; able or willing to bear.  I can tell you now, I do none of those things, but I am learning!!! The definition that stands out the most to me is "bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint."  How many times have I complained or threw a tantrum over something that, inevitably, is out of my control? Too many times to count!!

Romans 12:12 reads, "Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer."  First, we have hope in the Lord that He will take care of our problems and work them out for our greater good.  Second, be patient!!!  Let's keep our hands off the problem before we make it worse! Last, keep praying!!!  If we keep focused on others' needs and on the One who has everything in His hands, we will have a peace that only Jesus gives!!  Communion with our Savior keeps everything in perspective!

In conclusion, patience really is a virtue.  One of these days, I might actually get the hang of it.

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