Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget 9/11

 I wrote this as my Facebook status, but thought it was worth sharing again.  Never forget 9/11!!!

12 years ago today, I remember calling Scott and telling him the Good Morning show said a "small" plane hit one of the Twin Towers." In the next instant, a big jet came crashing in the other one. We knew then it was not an accident. I took 9-month-old Em and picked Hannah up from preschool, not knowing what to expect when we realized America was under attack. When the evening came, we watched as a devastated nation fell to it's knees, praying for loved ones and a country mourning.

I pray even today that we do not forget what happened then and that we can again "fall on our knees," only this time in repentance and thankfulness that we are still a blessed nation and that even though it was a horrible tragedy, God's hand did spare us from a worse devastation. We who lived through it will never forget 9/11. God bless America!!

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