Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quiet Times During Vacation

Ah! Our second day of vacation and today we pretty much did nothing!  My husband and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving this morning and then we came back to the cabin and hung out with our kids. Later, we went to Shoney's for dinner and then went shopping at the Christmas Place. Love that store!!! Everything Christmas!!!  If you are not in the holiday spirit, that store will get you in it!  If not, you're just a Scrooge!

Tonight, we are just relaxing and watching some television and reading, catching up on the books we don't have time to read at home. It's still raining out, so downtown Gatlingburg will have to wait until tomorrow. It won't make for a boring evening, though, because we still have the hot tub, sauna, Foosball, and a pool table, plus lots of games!

I am actually looking forward to the snow in the morning, too.  Yes, we are supposed to get 1-2 inches! What's better than being stuck in a cozy cabin on the mountain with snow on the treetops?  Well, except being stuck in one with your favorite people...which I will be!!!

So looking forward to Thursday and celebrating Thanksgiving with my family!  I love the togetherness that comes from the holiday season!  Wishing everyone a blessed evening and hoping that you remember all you can be thankful for this day!

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