Saturday, January 18, 2014

Proverbs 31 Woman: Verse 18

"She perceiveth that her merchandise is good:  her candle goeth not out by night." Proverbs 31:18 

So far, in our study of the Proverbs 31 woman, we know one thing for sure, she was a hard worker.  This lady kept her hands busy! I often think, "How in the world did she ever get any sleep?"  In verse 18, we are again made aware of how active she really was.  

Her merchandise is good.  Basically, she understands the value of everything she does.  This wonderful woman didn't do anything aimlessly, but, rather, she crafted everything carefully and with thought. Sometimes, in our day-to-day routine, we run around in such a frantic state that we don't give thought for the details in our lives. Every once in a while, we need to stop, take a breath, and ask ourselves, "Am I giving my very best today?" Our lives become more profitable if we take the time to do our work "as unto the Lord."  I believe that the Proverbs 31 lady took her time and produced wonderful results.  

Further, the Bible tells us that she worked until the late hours of the night.  As women, we know what it's like to be so wore out but we have "one last thing to do" before bedtime.  I know that I spend my days chasing after kids, helping with homework, doing laundry, cleaning, running errands, working a part-time job, and countless other things on my "To Do" list!  It is tiresome, to say the least!  I'm sure this lady probably understood, especially since she didn't have all the gadgets and trinkets that we have today to help us with our everyday living.  For that, we should be grateful!

This lady was a great example of using our time wisely and striving to do the very best in everything we endeavor, but she had to rest sometime.  "For so he giveth his beloved sleep." (Psalm 127:2)  Don't forget to relax once in a while.  It is important that we not be lazy and sluggish, however, we need to get the proper rest to be like this exalted woman of the Bible.  

Even in my own life, I struggle to be that perfect wife, mother, friend, employee, etc., and come so short.  I do not believe that this Godly woman of  the Bible had it all together, all the time.  She made mistakes, had bad days, may have even felt like giving up.  So, don't beat yourself up when you feel like you're not measuring up to her standards or anyone else's, just do the best you can and know that God is on your side! 

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