Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Blues

Another day of cold temps and snow!  I am getting cabin fever bad!!!  However, we made it a family adventure when we all went with my husband to take our oldest child to work this morning.  Wow! That was a fiasco!  Traffic was lined up for miles because they shut down one of the major highways.  Semi trucks were abundant this morning!  Snow was packed so heavily and there was ice hidden underneath, which made for disastrous road conditions.  We finally made it safely home and Scott decided to work at home instead of heading to his office. 

Thankfully, my husband will be going back to work tomorrow, and, since my children do their school online, they will start back tomorrow, as well.  (The public schools are off another day for snow and dangerous weather conditions.) It is time for routine to take place around here again!

I have decided that Alaska living is not for me.  Actually, anything north of where I am now, is not for me.  If I had an opportunity, Florida would be my choice.  The older I get, the more the colder climates just don't agree with me.  My kids made a comment about the snow being "fun."  When did I get too old for snow to be fun?  I could care less about making snowmen or snow angels or snow ice cream.  Frosty can bite the dust for all I care!!!

Guess it's time to put more wood on the fire.  As I sit inside, "enjoying" the snow (yes, I'm being sarcastic!), I will ponder wishing for a "snowy winter" when the temperatures rise and I complain about heat stroke.  For all you southern states, enjoy the heat and sun.  You have no idea how lucky you are! 

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