Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Refashioning Project...Goodwill Dress

I decided to try "refashioning" again. (One of these days, I will start a blog with all my sewing projects on them.  But for now, this one will have to do.)  I found a dress that was too big for me at the local Goodwill that matched a pair of brand spankin' new shoes that I recently bought.  Unfortunately, I had nothing else in my closet that matched, so I took a chance with the dress.  In the pictures, it doesn't look like I did anything to it.  Believe me, I did. Check it out!!

The dress when I bought it.  My little helper didn't want to be seen, so she held the dress over her face. 

Next, I put it on to see just how big it was.  Then, I laid it flat to mark where I needed to sew.

For the straps, I measured one inch down, marked it, then put a pin through it to keep the material stable during sewing.  For marking, I used a fabric safe pen that washes off with water.  You can tell in the third picture down where the line was.

Next, I marked 3/4" from each side.  Again, I used the fabric pen and the pin to keep it in place.  This measurement was based on how much I wanted to bring in from the sides.  When measuring  clothing to take in, make it comfortable for you.

After sewing down the sides and across the shoulder straps where I marked the lines, I used pinking shears to cut the extra fabric, since I don't have a serger...yet!!

Voila!!!  I slipped on my new coral shoes and denim jacket and I'm ready to go!! (Normally, I would iron out the wrinkles, but, for the sake of taking a picture and sticking it on  my blog, I skipped that part!)

I don't have "mad skills" when it comes to sewing but, maybe, with a little patience and time, I will get better.  For now, I'm going to keep it simple. :)

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