Monday, July 14, 2014

Teen Years Revisited...For One Night

It's Monday again and time to get back to work! I had a great weekend with a little excitement on the side!

My sister came to visit and we ended up going to see a performance from one of our teenage idols with a few other ladies.  I was excited to find out that the opening band was also one I listened to while growing up. Standing in line, it wasn't surprising to find out that most everyone there was my age, give or take a few years. There were a few young sprouts spattered here and there.  

As we sat down in our given seats, I watched as people began to fill up the auditorium.  It was amazing to me how we revert back to our adolescence when we are reminded of  "what used to be."  Watching the crew get the stage ready, I could feel the anticipation building.  To a lot of people, it was a dream come true.  
All became quiet as they announced the opening band. As they geared the music up and the lead singer came out, the crowd went crazy.  (I, personally, was jealous because the lead singer is ten years older than I am and didn't look a day over 30!)  It was a phenomenal performance!  During intermission, I was able to get a picture with her and a signed CD. 

Now to the header!  Let me just say that he will be 65-years-old next month and still has it!!! There were lights, video footage, smoke, and blaring music the whole time he was on stage.  At one point, he started walking through the crowd, grabbing the hands of awed-and somewhat obsessed-fans!  (No, we didn't have the privilege of shaking his hand, much to our dismay.)  He even sold himself to the younger generation by having four young kids, ages 8-12, up on stage.  Needless to say, if they were not fans before then, they were after.

As far as performances go, it was a great one.  It wasn't a sold out show, but there were enough people there to know that he was still listened to and well liked.  However, I will say that, during the middle of the performance, I looked at one of my companions and shouted, "I'm too old for this.  The music is too loud!" She laughed, probably thinking what an old fogey I was.  In a way, I guess I am. After a while, the lights and loud music got on my nerves, as well as some of the audience.  I was ready to leave.  I was deaf for about the first thirty minutes after it ended.  

When I was a teenager, this would've been "my cup of tea." But at 42-years-old, I am no longer that starry-eyed girl with hopes of meeting a famous entertainer and making him my mate for life. I've grown up and changed the direction of my life.

Driving home, my sister and I had a heart-to-heart discussion of our lives, then and now.  Bottom line, we love our lives!  For me, I have a wonderful, smart, hard-working, intelligent husband and three beautiful children.  I am a Christian and love living for Jesus.  My children are not obsessed by Hollywood and all that glitters.  They have real goals and are involved in our church.  As a parent, that makes me proud.

It was a great experience, but not one I'm willing to do for a very long time...if ever!  I think I'd rather trade in all the smoke and lights and loud music for a clean, Christian concert any day.  I'm glad I had that part of my life, but I'm even more glad I have the life I live now.  Some things really are better.

Some pics from the show.  The performers?  Rick Springfield and Terry Nunn of Berlin. It's not the greatest picture of me, but I can't help that. :)

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