Friday, August 8, 2014

Our New England Adventure: Boston, Day 2

After a (somewhat!) restful night, we started our tour of more of Boston.  I am a history buff, so I found it all intriguing, which dismayed my two youngest children who had to wait for me to relish every moment with each landmark we saw.

Our first tour of the day began with the USS Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat and named after the Constitution of the United States of America by George Washington.  It is located in the Boston Naval Yard. It was launched in 1797.

It was not a huge ship by today's standards, but still awe-worthy!

Front view of USS Constitution.

Side view of USS Constitution. 

After our tour of the USS Constitution, my husband and son decided to take a "Super Duck Tour." The "ducks" are amphibious vehicles. They can go on water and land and many were used during WWII.  My son and husband were able to take a tour of Boston Harbor, whereas, my daughter and I chose to wait. 

A little side note: The name DUKW comes from the model naming terminology used by GMC:
  • "D", designed in 1942
  • "U", "utility"
  • "K", all-wheel drive
  • "W", dual rear axles

If you are familiar with the movie, "The Perfect Storm," then you will appreciate this.  During their tour, they were able to see the actual Coast Guard vessel that went to rescue the Andrea Gail, the commercial fishing vessel that was lost at sea, along with all six crew members, in 1991.

"Super Duck Tour" in Boston Harbor.

The U.S. Coast Guard vessel that searched for the Andrea Gail.

Afterwards, we took a trolley to downtown Boston.  I have to say, "LOVED IT!"  The history of downtown Boston left me breathless.  I'm a sucker for anything with a story behind it.  Our first stop was to eat at The Blackstone Grill on Boston'sFreedom Trail and erected in 1822.  When you walk in the front door, it's as if you stepped back in time.  The waiter tempted me to eat fried clams, Boston-style.  They were delicious!!!  

When our bellies were full, we continued walking downtown.  This is where our trip got a little hectic.  We had so much to see, but so little time to do it in.   First off, we saw the Old State House, also one of the landmarks on the Freedom Trail.  You can see the lion and unicorn on top, both signs of the British monarchy. It is also near the site of the Boston Massacre, marked by a ring of stones.

In Faneuil Hall, we were able to see the statue of Samuel Adams, one of the main leaders of the American Revolution.  Even his statue has a commanding presence. 

During our trek downtown, we glimpsed many old edifices that now house pubs, taverns, or restaurants. One of the oldest was The Bell-in-Hand Tavern, around since 1795.  Unfortunately, time was short and I couldn't get the history behind each and every one.  

Last, we stopped at the New England Holocaust Memorial, six luminous glass towers with the numbers of each of the six-million Jewish lives lost at the hands of Hitler and his Nazi regime. Stephen Ross, a holocaust survivor, was the man behind the idea.  It depicts the names of each of the main death camps.  One can almost feel the terror that went on during this horrific time in history.  It was hard for me to not cry when I walked through the memorial.

The Blackstone Grill, where I had my first taste of Boston fried clams!

The Old State House.

Faneuil Hall and the statue of Samuel Adams.

Bell-in-Hand Tavern, founded 1795. 

The Union Oyster House.

Yankee Publishing Building.

Remember. On the sidewalk in the New England Holocaust Memorial.

  street view of the six glass towers of the New England Holocaust Memorial.

Our tour of downtown was cut short by time and by the stress of us having to find a trolley by 5:00.  We enjoyed the history and the events of the day, but now it was time to head back to our hotel for another night of sleep before starting again in the morning.  

Meanwhile, back at Harvard, our girl was making new friends and enjoying her time of learning.  We had another few days before we would see her.  I did at least get to say good night to her before sleep finally took hold of me. 

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