Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here Yesterday...Gone Today

I just want to write a quick note and apologize for any pictures that seem to be missing.  Being the "untechnical geek" that I am, I accidentally deleted ALL of my pictures from my blog and have spent hours trying to restore them.  I think I have accomplished this, however, if some are missing, please forgive me.  I was heart sick when I realized what I had done.  I even had to delete some posts because I could no longer find the pictures.

What can I say?  You live and you learn!


  1. Hi, dear young Mama, Lee! I am glad you found my blog, but so, so sorry for you that you lost a lot of your photos! I am glad you got most of them back. I would have cried! If possible ask someone who knows how to back up your blog and all the photos. It is so good to know that's done. I'm praying it all can be fixed...I'm not techy, either, and my daughter taught me all I know at this point!
    Rich blessings in the Lord! keep up the good work with your family. It is the MOST important after our faith and love for Jesus!

  2. Thank you so much for those kind words and your prayers, Jacqueline!!!! i took your advice and have found some of the pictures! Yay!! I agree that family and Jesus are the most important things and am so glad that there are ladies out there like you. I love your blog and will continue to glean from your wisdom! God bless you, too!!! :)


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