Monday, September 1, 2014

Our New England Adventure: Vermont and Other Stuff, Our Last Day

Our last day of our New England vacation took us to Vermont.  (We took a detour to New Hampshire but only to take a picture next to the rest area sign and visit a grocery store.)  Though it was a great trip, I was ready to see my girl and then go home.

We decided to take a quick drive to Vermont to say we had been there. Plus, my husband's goal is to visit each state and bring home a key chain to prove he had indeed been there.  As we neared the state line, I could see the scenery changing. This was the first time I had been in Vermont, and,to say it was breathtaking, is an understatement.  Beautiful, majestic, awesome...those are some of the adjectives I would use to describe it.

The scenery started to change as we got near Vermont.

Nature's beauty shining through on the highway.

When I said our trip was "quick," I meant it.  We stopped at a rest stop that was just amazing!!  I think I would love to work here, it was that relaxing and beautiful.  They had Adirondack chairs set up on the grounds where you could sit and enjoy the scenery.  It was super clean and the elderly gentleman that was taking care of everything was so polite and friendly. There was even a greenhouse in the building! We probably spent forty-five minutes just enjoying ourselves.

The building had a greenhouse!

Scenery from the grounds.
Adirondack chairs facing a view of the mountains and hills.

It was strange, though, because we are used to deer crossings where I come from.  Visiting Vermont offered me the first "Bear Crossing" sign I had ever seen.  They even had a tall fence around the parameters of the rest area to keep the bears from getting through.  I'm sure if you lived in the area, it would be no big deal. However, to this mid-west born and bred girl, it was kind of scary!

On our trip back to Maine, we stopped at a local country store, Sharon Trading Post, to buy souvenirs. My husband picked up a bottle of authentic Vermont maple syrup.  Yum!  We also drove past a little white church that seemed to come straight off of a postcard.  

Sharon Trading Post, where we bought Vermont maple syrup.

The little white church that I had to take a picture of for 
no reason at all!

Though this day trip (it took us 3 hours to get here!) was uneventful, it offered a glimpse of some of the beauty that is right here in the United States.  Such beautiful country!!!  My husband and I both have decided that this will be on our future plans to come see again...and spend a little more time!

We finally made it back to our motel in Maine and packed up, ready to leave the next morning to get our girl back!  What was she doing all this time?  She had a blast during her Ambassador program and met friends from all over the globe.  She even wanted to stay longer.  But, alas, all good things end.

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