Saturday, October 11, 2014

Peace When Life Happens

It's Saturday and I'm sitting here on the couch,  cuddling in a blanket, pain meds on hand,  and writing in my blog.  Yeah, it's not the best activity for the weekend, but since I have a double ear infection, strep throat, and a sinus infection, there's not much else I can do.  And that's not even the downside to this weekend!

I had a big weekend planned...sewing, writing (at least I'm getting a little of that done!), reading, and other miscellaneous things.  I wanted to relax, but still have the option of getting out and shopping, if I wanted.  That went out the window after making a visit a to the Minute Clinic!  The kicker is that I had the house to myself. (Funny thing is that I think this happens almost every time I get a weekend to myself!)

I can gripe and complain and moan and groan, but I don't see how that helps matters any.  So, I've decided to just enjoy (I use that word sooooooo loosely.  Because who really wants to be sick?!) my time doing absolutely nothing.  Of course, I can't help it since the meds knock me off my feet, anyway.  

Sometimes, life throws us curve balls and we have no control over it.  Sickness, job loss, death, and other things come into our lives when we least expect it.  It spins our world out of control and makes us feel like we have no handle on anything, that we are stuck out in space somewhere, just waiting for gravity to pull us back to earth.  

I Peter 5:7 reads, "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." Regardless of how small or large our trials and tribulations seem, the Lord knows exactly where we are and he loves us.  Life happens but we don't have to give into the chaos.  We can learn and grow.  Now, I realize that getting sick and having my weekend ruined is such a small thing compared to what others have gone through and are going through. I have been through those tough times, too, and I am thankful for the peace that I had during those moments in my life.  

My pain meds are taking effect now, so it's off to sleepy land for a while.  Hopefully, I will get that skirt completed and be able to share the finished project with you soon.  Have a blessed weekend!

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