Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Skirt Out of Old Jeans

I did it!  I finally finished one pair of the pants I bought at the Goodwill! (Remember, the pants I bought and I was going to make skirts out of them?) Yes, I'm slow, however, in my defense, I have been crazy busy!

So, here are the directions and finished product...finally!  The skirt turned out so cute and my girls have already worn it twice, but the picture does not do it any justice. Blame that on the photographer.

My bargain priced jeans from the Goodwill.

I took the seam out that runs up the inside of the thighs.
Be sure you go up a little into the crotch area of the pants.

Overlap the ripped seams so that they hang straight 
when wearing.

Finished crotch area where the seams were
sewn together. 

After sewing the open area, you may want to 
cut the "flap" that is left hanging on the inside 
of the jeans.
Next, I put my filler material inside out underneath 
the opening of the jeans, which were also inside out.

Draw a line around the area of the jeans where 
the material will be sewn.  Be sure to add about 1 1/2"
for the seam allowance.

Pin the material to the jeans, both the jeans and the
material right side out.

I pinned some on the outside and some on the
inside, depending on how easy it was to reach.

Sew the material to the jeans.  I sewed on the outside
with matching thread.  Leave some material past the hem 
of the jeans so you can make an even hem.

Fold the hem up, pin, and sew.

To be a unique, I found some knitted flowers and
sewed them together to embellish the skirt a little.

My finished flower after sewing it to the pocket.

Voila! My finished skirt.  (It really is cute! 
The picture does not do it justice!)

This is actually a pretty easy project and, once you rip the seams open, it takes about 1-2 hours to complete.  On a free Saturday, you could finish 2 or 3.  

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