Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family Time Is Important...Make Memories

Just a few more days 'til Christmas!!  I'm so excited because we are celebrating tomorrow (or today, since I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning) with our children.  First, church together as a family. Then, dinner and gifts!  I love seeing my children's eyes light up as they open their presents.  The only thing hindering a "perfect" day is that I ended up in the urgent care with strep throat, bronchitis, and an ear infection.  I am determined, though, that it is not going to put a damper on our time together.

It really is not about the play, dinner, or gifts but, rather, about the time we get to spend together.  I often wonder why we save holidays for making a special day to enjoy family.  I realize things have changed since I was a little girl growing up, where our family always went to visit Grandma on Sundays for dinner, but time with loved ones should still be important.

About fourteen years ago, my husband moved us out of town for a different position.  We prayed about the decision and knew it was the right one, but we sacrificed some things along the way.  One of those things was time with our families.  It was not easy and I struggled with leaving all that I knew and loved.  However, as the years have come and gone, we've made our own family traditions and try to visit long-distance family members often.  With social media, it has become easier to keep in touch, too.  

As my children grow older, I tend to hold them closer, knowing that they will leave the nest one of these days.  They will start their own family traditions and may move far away from us.  One thing they can keep forever, though, are the memories and good times they have celebrated with us.  

Let us take time in 2015 to spend with our children and loved ones.  Have an impromptu picnic on a sunny summer day, play football on a crisp fall day, or even a game night on a cold winter evening.  Keep your minds open and involve the kids in the decision making. If you have to, lay aside the "non-essentials" and carve out time for them.   Family time is important.  Make as many memories as you can.

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