Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Is Back!

Just when we thought winter might be over here in our small corner of the world, it comes back with full force!  My kids are enjoying a day off of school because of Presidents Day and are keeping warm by the fireplace.  Me?  I thought I'd catch up on my blog since I have a somewhat "down" day. Even the dog is staying warm and snuggling in his blanket on the couch.  

I am blessed that I can work from home and that my children are homeschooled (online public school, so, really, they get the best of both worlds!). I enjoy the snuggles with them and the peace of having them with me. I know I need to clean the house and there are "projects" that I need to accomplish, but, sometimes, it's best just to let things be and enjoy the here and now.  

 The long awaited snow!

Oscar, our canine family member, is enjoying the cold 
weather, snuggled on a blanket on the couch. 

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