Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Simple To Sew Skirt

I spent my weekend with family and then Monday I cleaned the house and worked outside. There is nothing like feeling that sense of accomplishment after completing a task.  Speaking of completed tasks, I was able to finish a skirt for my daughter.  (Yes, I realize that it always takes me weeks to get a project finished, but it seems like I always run out of time!)

The directions are pretty simple.  Place a piece of material wide enough to fit around your waist and measure how much you need. Then, add about an inch for seam allowances.

Materials needed:   

 Material (I used jersey knit because it's stretchy)
                                         1" elastic or the size of your choosing
                                         Straight pins
                                         Thread to match material

Step 1: Measure around your waist and add an inch.  Sew both sides together, rights sides facing one another. 

Step 2:  Fold down the material where the waistband will be, about a 1/4".  Make sure the material is cut straight.  Sew the 1/4" down.  Next, turn the waist down again, making sure that your elastic you use for the waistband fits in the casing.  (I used 1" elastic.)  Then, sew that down, leaving a small opening to put the elastic in for the waistband. 

Step 3: Take a large safety pin and attach it to the end of the elastic.  Guide it through the casing. Next, sew the end of the elastic together cutting off any excess. Sew casing shut.

Step 4:  Make sure you have the desired length before hemming.  Fold the hem under twice to the desired length.  Pin and sew around the edge.  I used a zigzag stitch. 

 Voila! You now have your skirt! (Don't you love my daughter's socks?)  

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