Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Very Irrelevant Post On Baby Showers and Wedding Showers

We are officially on vacation and I am enjoying it quite immensely.  We have had so many changes in my family this past year that this time is much needed. Unfortunately, this "down" time is when I start thinking of things to write and thoughts pop in my head that I think I must share.  I probably don't, but I hope you will divulge me, anyway.

While I was talking to a friend recently, I found myself biting my tongue over her remarks about baby and wedding showers.  You see, I dislike both.  Yes, I said it.  I find all the "cute" games to be annoying and if you've seen one diaper, you've seen them all. Don't get me started about the bride-to-be who has to ooh and aah over some gadget that she probably will never use. I just want to cringe. You can call me a curmudgeon, if you must, but I have a feeling that a lot of you feel this way.

It's not that I am not happy for the new parents or that I don't wish for a great marriage for the newlyweds. I do.  I don't do well trying to find small talk with someone who I see every few years at a formal event and whose name I can't seem to remember.  Why pretend that it will be wonderful with a new baby when we know that these parents will soon be losing sleep and that the bliss will wear out soon after Junior is born. Now, before you criticize, I would like to say that I have had three children and I am happily married.  It just means that someone forgot to mention in the manual that life isn't all peachy keen and has it's ups and downs.  I'm here to remind you.

Okay, by now, I know I have made a few people mad.  As I wrote the above paragraphs, I  realized that I sounded a bit negative.  So, let me tell you that I do understand why we have these traditions and why they are needed.  It gives one hope that they are doing the right thing and they want others to join in their bliss.  Besides, everyone loves cute little rotund babies and who can't get excited over a new bride blushing over her new husband!

See, I told you there was not point to this post.  However, I feel a load has been lifted and I have a few sympathizers out there.  Now, I must go and find a baby gift for a friends.  I have a baby shower to attend in a couple of weeks.  

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