Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Easy 1-Hour Skirt

It has been a trying couple of weeks, but I think I'm back on track!  I apologize for not posting for a while, but I have been watching a friend's little boy while she is trying to have her second child (Apparently, her second son does not want to meet the world just yet!) and I have been busy with work and getting the kids on track in school.  Alas, I have found a few solitary moments to whip something up on the sewing machine and I am going to share it with you today!

I found some lovely, bold-patterned fabric in my stash and decided to make a skirt.  I used wide elastic for the waistband.  It's the first time I've tried this method. I am not a professional seamstress and usually sew the way I think it should be done (not always the smart way, though!).


First, I took some fabric from my stash and evened the selvedges out and cut the frayed edges.  For some reason, my picture of the "rectangle" of fabric is gone, but I think you understand what I am saying.

Next, after evening up the edges, I sewed them together. 

Before I did anything else, I measured the elastic around my waist and sewed the edges together.  

Next, I sewed the waistband after folding it over to make a nice, even edge. 

Then, I attached the elastic to the waistband, right sides together, and pinned. You can gather or make it more uniform, like I did, by making pleats.  I didn't measure around, just used my eye to see what looked good.  (I told you, I don't go by the book!)  After sewing the elastic to the waistband, I ironed down the pleats on both sides. 

Last, measure where you want the hem to go and sew it up!  Voila!  Your skirt is finished and ready to wear! Easy peasy!

I originally made this skirt for myself, but it looked so good on my girls, I passed it to them.  Unlike me, they are tall and clothes tend to fit them better.  You can use any length you want, but I chose the more modest length. 

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