Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turn A Men's Shirt Into A Cute Skirt In One Afternoon!

Another weekend has come and is almost gone, but I did accomplish something.  (What a surprise, right?!)  I'm in the process of taking some Goodwill finds and turning them into skirts. I was able to complete one.  I bought three XXL men's shirts and paid no more than $4.00 for all!!!  You can't beat that!

My pile of men's shirts that I bought at the Goodwill!  

After I washed my shirts, I had to decide which one I wanted to cut up first. I wanted to be a little more choosy since I had never turned a shirt into a skirt. Before I cut out my skirt, I measured my waist and added 5/8" to both sides for the seam allowance.  

Now to start cutting!  

First, fold the shirt in half and smooth out all the wrinkles.  The great thing about this skirt is that you will not need to make a hem...just use the hem of the skirt!  I used a quilting ruler and rotary cutter since I was cutting a rectangle out of the fabric.

Second, measure where you need to cut.  Remember, you have folded the shirt in half and will be cutting two pieces.  If your waist measured 30", you will cut 15".  After you unfold the two halves you cut, each piece will be 30". 

You will have some extra material left over. Don't worry! You can use this for the waistband later or even pockets, if you choose.  I needed more material, so I ended up using some fabric I had laying around for the waistband.  We will get to that in a minute.  

After you cut the two pieces out, unfold and put them right sides together and pin.  Then, sew down each side using a 5/8" seam allowance. 

When I completed sewing the sides, I went back and used a zigzag stitch to make the seam neater looking and to give it a nice finish.  If you have a serger (which I don't!), you can use that. If you do, I am jealous.  Just so you know. 

Next, I pulled out some matching knit fabric and measured my waist, deducting 1" from each side. Make sure you have at least 8" in width so you can fold this over for the yoga waistband. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of this waistband, so I'm using pictures from another skirt I made using the yoga waistband style.

Sew both ends together from this piece you cut.  Make sure the WRONG side is out.  Then, fold it in half.  This will show the right side of the "tube."

Now, back to the skirt I was working on.  Pin this "tube" to the RIGHT SIDE of the skirt.  Pull the skirt around so it is evenly spaced around the waistband.  Sew around the edge. I used a 5/8" stitch.  

As I previously stated, you will not need to worry about the hem because you are using the finished hem of the shirt.  Voila!  Your skirt is finished and ready to wear!  

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