Saturday, April 30, 2016

With Age Comes Wisdom

Earlier today, I got to sit down to coffee with my neighbor.  What a wonderful lady she is, too!  She is a beautiful Christian woman in her seventies who is kind, compassionate, and very wise. I thoroughly enjoy sitting in her home listening to her impart whatever wisdom she has for me at that time. She has become a dear friend who I trust with my life.  I was telling my girls earlier that she is one of the few people who can chastise me with such love that I don't realize she has done so.

As I watch the younger generation, I believe we have lost respect for the older one. We have put so much stock in Hollywood and celebrity, and the media has become our counsel for every idea and thought we have. We deem the elderly as "old fashioned" or "out of touch" with reality.  However, they are more in touch with reality than we realize.

When my husband and I lived with his grandmother for a year after we were married, we learned so much from her. She grew up in the depression era, raised six children, nursed a sick husband, grew her own garden, and took care of her home. She lost a daughter later in life and still kept her positive attitude while grieving. She taught me how to quilt and bake the best chocolate chip cookies around. But those weren't the only things she taught me. Her hospitable and caring attitude has stuck with me years after she passed. She was a rock. Her life experiences were shared with me and I realized that this lady went through a lot and gave a lot.

If I could tell the younger generation anything, it is this: Respect your elders. Learn from their mistakes and take what they say and meditate on it.  Don't discount their wisdom. They have far more experience than you do.

The Bible instructs, "Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the Lord."  (Leviticus 19:32) We are to honor our elders. They have faced challenges that we cannot understand until we've walked in their shoes. The Lord must deem this very important because, in the same verse, he reminds us to fear the Lord, as well. 

Job says it best: "With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding." (Job 12:12) What a great blessing our older generation is! We can only become wiser with their guidance and counsel. 

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