Thursday, May 12, 2016

Top Five Reasons To Delete Someone From Your Facebook Page

I recently deleted a few people on my Facebook page.  Not because I don't like them, but I felt that it would be better for our relationship if we kept our actual relationship off of FB.  If you are not my friend outside of FB, then you are not my friend. Period.

I work in social media and, like a substantial number of the people in the world, I have several social media accounts. Having to constantly manage a company page as well as scroll through hundreds of posts daily, it gets tedious and somewhat depressing.  Just looking at the pointed remarks at others or the political arguments can be frustrating.  Plus, let's be honest, out of the several "friends" we all have, how many do we actually talk to or ever see their posts?  For me, not many, just my circle.  The way it is in real life. 

Getting back to deleting some people. I recently got a prayer request over text from someone and I texted back, asking her a question. She never replied.  She has done this several times. When I have seen her out, she has not been the friendliest person.  I am not saying she is a mean person, but a misguided one. Image and who she knows are important to her. To me, that speaks volumes of her self-esteem. I don't dislike her, but me and her will probably never be great friends. It's just a matter of chemistry. This is only one instance. I have other friends who are actually great but their FB was a plethora of negativity.  I had to shut it down! 

Then, you get those that like to be nosy and assume things from your posts that are just not true. They take what you write and make a whole new meaning to the point you are trying to make. Thus, begins the trouble!

Next, you have those that love to argue or debate and constantly criticize everything you write. Those are the ones I'd like to smack some sense into through the computer! I'm just glad they can't know what I'm really thinking or see the expression on my face when I read their comment. 

I can hear you now, "So you delete people and block them if you don't like how they act or what they post?!"  

My answer, "YES!!!!"  

We have got to separate the reality from the fantasy.  Social media has its uses but it also has its downfalls.  Many a relationship have been severed over Facebook posts and the misunderstandings that have come across the wire. I don't make it a habit of deleting people. Honestly. I love to read the daily happenings in others' lives and look at the pictures of all the changes and good times in their families, as well. 

So, when is it okay to delete someone from your page? Here is my list of the top five times it is okay to delete someone:
  • The relationship is only based on social media and there is not a lot of interaction outside of that
  • Negative posts start to interfere with how you see that person in reality
  • Raunchy or inappropriate posts come across that make you feel uncomfortable
  • When a person starts to criticize everything you post or likes to debate constantly
  • When you feel it necessary (It is your right!) 

Now, just as a disclaimer, I want to make sure you understand that I don't go around deleting people because I disagree with them. We will never agree 100% with everyone. There are times I just hide their pages and never think of them again. You have to make your own decisions and do what you feel is right. It's the times that it becomes a burden on my relationships or my own thought processes towards that person. It does not mean I dislike anyone. Also, I leave the guilt behind. I don't think about it after it's done. Move on and know that it is for the better. 

Just remember, healthy relationships are based on reality, not the facade of social media. 

"Though I have much to write to you, I would rather not use paper and ink. Instead I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete." II John 1:2

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