Sunday, June 26, 2016

For My Husband

My husband and I celebrated our 24th anniversary today. We went to an early breakfast and then enjoyed a day trip together, holding hands as we walked along the river. 

I married my husband because I loved him, naturally. Of course, most couples who have ever been married for any amount of time, know that real love comes after the honeymoon, when you have been through difficult situations together.  

I remember the first time I knew I loved my husband and he loved me. We had been married five years and I had just given birth to our oldest child.  It was a difficult pregnancy and I had been in the hospital several days. I whined and cried so much to my doctor that he let me go home early, with strict instructions to take it easy.  When we got home, I was so sick and felt totally out of it, not to mention the postpartum depression that kicked in, right before I was discharged from the hospital.  

Immediately, after we got settled at home, I had to enlist my husband's aid in using the restroom.  I am a very "private" person when it comes to using the "facilities." However, there was no way I could do anything on my own, so Scott, my husband, helped me.  I was so weak that he had to do literally everything for me.  Then, he allowed me to lay down for a couple of hours, only waking me to nurse the baby.  To top it off, he helped me through my postpartum depression over the next month, just letting me cry on his shoulder for no reason at all. 

I realize that many of you are thinking that he should have done all of this because he was my husband.  But, to me, it made me realize that he was in this through thick and thin and he wasn't leaving any time soon.  And, he didn't. 

Twenty-four years and many tests and trials later, we are still here! I can honestly say that I love him more now than I did then. The key?  Forgiving each other's faults, looking past our flaws, and working hard at taking care of each other.  Plus, a lot of prayer and trusting the Lord to work out every situation.  

So, to my husband and best friend: I love you and look forward to another twenty-four years with you! 

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