Saturday, December 31, 2016

Laying A New Foundation For the New Year...He's Still Working On Me

If you walk in our home right now, you would turn around and walk back out. We had to do some major construction on the foundation and, in the process, more work has been accumulated. It's the "snowball" just keeps piling on! However, after the work is finished, it will be like a new home.

Just like the construction workers taking apart our home and rebuilding parts of it, God sometimes has to do that to us. He has taken bits and pieces of my life that have not been beneficial or have caused areas of decay and he is slowly but surely replacing and rebuilding them. We sometimes don't see the damage until it is too late. However, that doesn't mean that it can't be fixed. We let our foundation go for some time and started noticing the floor sloping. We knew something had to be done. It has been a tedious process but once they got the joists in, the floor was sturdy. They had to add drywall and paint to those areas that were affected, but those were minor things. The Lord sometimes has to do that to us: fix the foundation and repair the minor issues. 

As I ponder this past year and get ready for the new one, I realize that my life has been going through a "construction" phase.  A lot of changes have come my family's way this year: our son attended public school for the first time, our middle daughter is in the process of getting her license, our oldest took her first road trip with a friend (no mom or dad!), my husband has a different role at his company, and I am starting my own business. These changes aren't bad. They've actually been beneficial to my family and we have each learned from our own experiences and have grown in ways that we couldn't fathom.

Before we saw the benefits of what God was doing in our lives, we felt that tugging and pulling as he was preparing us. My son was a mess the first week of school. He decided he didn't want to attend public school anymore and I was ready to throw in the towel and bring him back home. However, after praying and much discussion, we told him to give it more time before we decided to go back to homeschooling him. He now loves school and is involved in football, choir, and wrestling, and he has a lot of good friends. The change in him has been remarkable. Each member of my family has had similar experiences in their own situations.

We may not like the process and it can be a messy one, but the outcome is worth the sweat, tears, and pain we sometimes go through if we just wait and let God work it out. If we had caved and given into my son, he would not have had the opportunities he does. He has been able to talk about his relationship with the Lord with other classmates and has been a good example to other students. His teachers love him and think highly of him. To top that,  he has been a straight A student.

So, as this new year begins, I hope that you all can see the past year with a new perspective and know that God is "working all things out for you good." We may not understand what he is doing, but he has this!

Have a very blessed New Year!!

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