Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break Trip To Eureka Springs, Arkansas...Quigley's Castle

This week, I have been able to enjoy some time with my family, including my mom. As most people, work, school, running the kids around and more, has consumed our lives, so just being able to spend some quality time with the ones you love is important.

During our visit to Branson, we got to tour the "Quigley Castle," located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. (It was about 90 minutes from where we were staying.) When we first drove up, we were not impressed. However, when we met our tour guide, M.J., she enlightened us and our eyes were opened! What a great little treasure we found!

When you look at the home from the outside, it reminds you of a box. A big, wooden box! The facade is made up of rocks that Elise Quigley, the original owner,  had collected since she was 9-years-old! From this same rock collection, she created several garden pieces, from mailboxes to baskets to benches! The stones and rocks she collected came from everywhere. She had fossils, crystals, arrowheads, and stones from the creek beds.

Elise designed the home herself and decided to tear down the family's three room house they resided in at the time to build the new structure.  She didn't even ask her husband. He came home that night only to find out he would be living in the chicken house. (What a man to put up with his wife's compulsiveness!)

She not only wanted a new home, but the design called for 28 windows, which they were not able to put in for three years! They tacked material up in the openings until they could afford the windows. The home is a wooden structure, built from lumber from their own land.

When you enter the home, it has low ceilings and wood floors and it feels like you are surrounded by the outdoors. Elise planted flowers during the winter and included a little pond in the home. Upstairs, in one of the bedrooms, you can see her "Butterfly Wall." I can't even begin to tell you how spectacular that is! The home is decorated in antiques and original works of art.

She strategically built two little "perches" upstairs, one in each bedroom, so that one could look out at the garden, which, in itself, reminds you of a fairy garden with all of it's bright and shining stone and colorful flowers.

Today, the home is still owned by the grandchildren of the Quigley's. It is a must see on your journey through the Ozarks. You will not be disappointed. Just tell M.J. that I sent you.

The front of Quigley's Castle. 

Our wonderful tour guide, M.J. 

The living room as you walk in the front door. 

The fish pond and small garden in the living room. 

Some of the flowers grown inside the home. 

The kitchen and dining area. 

One of the bedrooms. 

The other bedroom with one of the residents.

One of the "perches" upstairs.

The nursery. 

The infamous "Butterfly Wall." Spectacular!!!

The back of the home with a partial view of the gardens.

One of Elise Quigley's rock creations. 

The path in the garden in the back. 

Some of the colorful flowers that were 
already blooming. 

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